Another feast of shredding sonics

Check out this ripping video of Remy Thirion hurtling down a Canadian mountainside. No music. Just awesome bike-flying sounds.

Be careful if you’re at work – this vid WILL make you want to go and ride your bike immediately

Bike vids with no music soundtrack and just the sound of bike-on-dirt appear to be The New Thing of late. Of course there’s the Raw 100 series of vids that have been going for a couple of years now. But companies like Kona are also getting in on the music-less vibe.


Pic: © Bartek Woliński / Red Bull

Red Bull: “World Cup ripper Rémi Thirion is one of the fastest racers on the downhill circuit, where his all-out wild riding style has seen him climb to the top of the podium before.

“The French rider isn’t averse to a bit of adventure, so for our latest Sound of Speed episode, we took him to Whistler for his first-ever visit to the Canadian mountain biking mecca.

“Rémi chose to take on an alpine trail on the mighty Rainbow Mountain that overlooks much of Whistler. Only accessible via a helicopter drop, this trail starts off loose and rocky and winds its way through an open meadow before switching into tall tree-lined woods, where the terrain pitches down into steep, rough chutes full of exposed roots and loamy dirt.

“None of this is a problem for Rémi, though, and the Commencal rider just floats from rocks to roots with flowing rhythm and effortless style. Only the odd burst of sparks gives you a clue as to how hard he’s trying!”