Need a fleet of e-bikes? Cube makes them all, from hardtails to enduro e-bikes.

If you are in doubt about which segment of e-bike to choose, Cube can help.

The German bike brand designs and markets a broad portfolio of mountain, commuter, touring and utility bikes. Leveraging the strong mechatronic innovation sector in Germany, Cube has partnered with Bosch to integrate mid-drive motor technology into an impressive array of e-bikes.

In business since 1993, Cube has responded to mountain bike trends for nearly three decades. It was an early supporter of the Enduro World Series, with a factory racing team, and since 2014, the brand has partnered with Bosch in the field of e-bikes.

Thoroughly tested

As you would expect from a Germany bike company, R&D is fundamental to the Cube product development philosophy. The company has its own test lab, preferring to supervise fatigue testing by its staff instead of contracting this competency to a third party.

Cube’s exhaustive frame and component testing have become even more important with e-bikes. With the additional weight of batteries and mid-drive motors, e-bikes can exert greater stresses on components and frames.

To ensure all Cube e-bikes are robustly durable, whether you are on that Alpine summer holiday riding enduro, or using your e-bike as a transporter, the company’s bike test lab adheres to the strictest German standards and CTS, which is the Cube Testing Standards.

If you imagine running a fleet of e-bikes, for every riding discipline, Cube can oblige. Riders can opt for the Reaction Hybrid, which can be used as an all-terrain touring bike.

All-terrain e-bikes

The Reaction Hybrid Pro runs a SR Suntour coil fork up front, which can steer with confidence on tricky off-road terrain, absorbing bumps and enabling your to hold that intended riding line. This hardtail Cube e-bike is rated up to 135kg of structural weight (bike, rider and luggage), which should give you ample loading capacity for off-road adventure touring.

If you have a busy schedule and want to ride more singletrack, with less available time, the Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 Pro is ideal. Bosch’s provides the Performance CX mid-drive motor, delivering 250W of pedal-assistance. It draws energy from a 625Wh battery pack.

The Stereo Hybrid 120 Pro has 120mm of suspension travel at both ends, and a dropper seat post to help you lower that centre of gravity, when descending. It uses a four-bar link rear-suspension and for those mountain bikers who like to experience a lot more trail feedback when riding, and frequently ride flowing forest singletrack, this is a bike that let you do more, with less time.

Trail and enduro options, too

Want a trail bike with mid-drive motor assistance? The Stereo Hybrid 140 HPC series offers an appropriate balance of suspension plushness, 29er wheel size rollover and responsive geometry. With those big wheels, 140mm of shock travel and a 150mm fork, you’ll always seek the A-line over any technical trail feature.

Bosch provides potent mid-drive motor solutions for many of Cube’s e-bikes, helping you to avoid the chairlift cue and self-shuttle. For those long Alpine descents or weekends at the bike park, a Stereo Hybrid 160 is Cube’s true e-enduro rig.

It rolls 27.5” wheels with 2.4” tyres. The 27.5” wheels keep your centre of gravity low and are hugely responsive when accelerating out of tight switchbacks. For e-enduro riders who want to launch all the jumps and hit those drops, this is the Cube platform to make it happen.

Cube’s enduro e-bike has 160mm of rear travel and you can have up to 170mm of terrain taming suspension stroke at the front, depending on which model you choose. These e-bikes use the latest enduro specific single-crown forks – for confident steering accuracy, even when things get super gnarly on those black graded descents.

Once you have done all the e-bike trail and enduro riding you can handle, what about integrating a Cube cargo hybrid into your active commuting or work routine? With its 80mm SR Suntour cargo bike fork, the Cube Cargo Hybrid Dual is stable and a joy to ride when loaded with kids or a week’s groceries from the store. It features two 500Wh batteries, to help you pedal a load along, effortlessly.

A family of e-bikes

If your kids want to embrace mountain biking and join on longer off-road rides without, compromising the speed and distance of an adult group, there’s the Cube ACID 240 HYBRID Rookie.

An aluminium frame, 24” wheels, 80mm front and 250W of Bosch pedal-assistance will give any junior the confidence to tackle a three hour mountain bike adventure.

Touring. Trail riding. Enduro bike park weekends. And even replacing short car journeys with an e-cargo transporter. Cube has thoroughly tested and proven e-bike solutions, for all riders.