"But things happen I guess, wasn't my decision"

In comments on an Instagram post, Aaron Gwin appears to confirm the rumours that he’s leaving YT. Let the rumour mill go into overdrive!

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@aarongwin1: “@xxxxx haha thanks man, the [YT] Mob will stay where it’s at though”

@aarongwin1: “@xxxxx haha welll that doesn’t mean I’ll be part of it, just that it’s [the YT Mob] staying. Regardless, my program next year is gonna be epic. I’m very excited about it.”

@xxxxx: “@aarongwin1 oh man I thought you hand picked the [YT] Mob. Well good luck, you’re the man and can’t wait to see where your journey leads you!”

@aarongwin1: “@xxxxx ya I did. But things happen I guess, wasn’t my decision. Thanks tho buddy, lookin forward to it for sure.”

If he’s going, where is going?

There are three main teams that have been mentioned in the internet rumour mill of late: Trek (again), Specialized (again) and Intense. There has also been mention of Scott but that looks increasingly tenuous.

However, as startling as it may sound, most people’s money appears to be on Aaron Gwin riding an Intense for the 2019 World Cup season.

This would actually tick a lot of boxes. They’re an American brand. They’re one of the longest standing 29er fans in the DH scene. Intense are seemingly on and an all-or-nothing push to reinvent themselves, so money may not be too much of an object.