Take a tour of Aaron Gwin's blighted mechanical history at the Leogang UCI world cup course

Aaron Gwin currently sits in first in the World Cup overall as the downhill circus is in Leogang, Austria.

Leogang is arguably most famous for the many times Gwin has suffered what should have been grievous race run mechanicals.

Too busy to take a brake

Gwin’s poor relationship with Leogang began at the world champs in 2012 when his front brake failed which caused him to bin it off the track.

Following extensive CSI-esque investigation back in Japan in turns out that a previous crash had bent the piston of the front brake, resulting in a lack of pressure. Gwin to this date never won a World Champs race and we’re sure Shimano were probably left feeling a little bit sheepish…

Getting tyred of all this messing around?

Next up, 2014 and Gwin once again suffered a catastrophic mechanical in his finals run. Just a few corners in he suffered a rear wheel flat.

Not to be deterred Gwin kept things rolling, handling the course better than most and giving his wheel manufacturer some pretty good marketing material at the same time…

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No chain no problem

Possibly one of the most famous mountain bike race runs ever. 2015 saw Aaron Gwin win in Leogang without a chain on his bike. After three pedal strokes Gwin snapped his chain, however he refused give up, unbelievably at the first split he was less than a second off the pace.

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The massacre didn’t stop and Gwin ended up winning the race, laying a race run straight into the history books, probably to the great relief of his mechanic…

Any other honourable mentions?

Neko Mullaly’s Hafjell chainless world champs run of course! This is where Neko did his bit for gearbox drivetrains as he lay down an incredible race to come 4th…

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