Pass my shades will you?

Put your sunglasses on before you watch this video of one many’s bonkers-bright lighting rig. An oversize panel of LEDs kicking out a retina-destroying 60,000 lumens.

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For those that don’t really know your lumens from your elbow, a class-leading very bright bike light – such as the Cateye Volt 6000 RC – emits 6,000 lumens. But your everyday night-riding mountain biker’s light on average kicks out about 1,500 lumens.

So this rig – and rig is the correct word for it as it looks like something from a stadium rock gig’s gantry – is at least ten times brighter than the very brightest off-the-peg commercially available lighting system.

Even taking the 60,000 lumen claim with a pinch of salt – and it most certainly won’t have had its actual output measured scientifically – you can see from the video the awesome illumination of this thing.

The person who’s designed and assembled it is called Ian Laurie. Laurie has a history of outlandish behaviour on bicycles. He was that guy who rode up Mount Ventoux on a Boris bike – for 24 hours.

Speaking to ETA cycle insurance (of all people), Ian Laurie stated: “The light performs perfectly for off-road riding – it’s fantastically powerful, but preserves peripheral vision as its beam has soft transitions and edges – the only downside is a one-hour run time.”

By the way, in layman’s terms that you can explain you non-cycling work colleagues, an average car headlight is 1,500 lumens.