Marston Lodge in Northamptonshire

24hr race Mountain Mayhem endurance event has announced a brand new location for 2019 – Marston Lodge in rural Northamptonshire.

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There will also be new categories and a tweak to the rules, but more information about those will follow when the date for earlybird ticket sales is announced for Mountain Mayhem 2019 which will be held on 21st, 22nd and 23rd June.

More information:

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Marston Lodge is a privately owned 700 acre arable and livestock farm with 100 acres of woodland. The highest point of Marston Lodge land is Moot Hill, 188 metres above sea level. ‘Moot’ means ‘meeting place’ and this hilltop was hugely important in medieval Britain. In the woods there are earth ditches and ramparts still clearly visible today which are the remains of a Norman Motte and Bailey castle.

Did you know that the decisive and most fierce battle of the English Civil War, the Battle of Naseby, was fought on Marston Lodge land? It is here that the Cavaliers finally lost the Battle to the Roundheads. Many Cavaliers and camp followers were slaughtered at Marston Lodge, and there are several local ghost stories, legends and even reported sightings, including that of ghostly female Irish camp followers whose faces were slashed with swords.

Well there you go eh? Something to think about at 3am during your night laps.

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mountain mayhem

Mountain Mayhem was first ever 24hr mountain bike race in Europe; the first (and only) ever mountain bike race to cross a major UK motorway (M5 when in Sandwell in the West Midlands) and now perhaps the first ever mountain bike race with ghostly sightings of Roundheads and Cavaliers?

“We’re so excited about Mountain Mayhem 2019. We’re excited about the venue, we’re excited about the location which will make it easy for so many to access, we’re excited about the history of Marston Lodge, but more than anything we are excited about the riding. There is so much potential at Marston Lodge on virgin mountain bike territory, with climbs, singletrack and spectacular woodland, plus all the plans we have for everyone at the event. Not only for the riders, but their families and supporters too. Think Friday night party, entertainment on Saturday plus loads of activities for the kids and adults alike. We can’t wait. It’s such fun planning it all” said Jill Greenfield, director of Pacific Edge Events, owners and operators of Mountain Mayhem.