Punctures and mechanicals are a fact of mountain bike life. Thankfully theses days there are loads of cool and useful things you can get to help you out

Punctures and mechanicals are a fact of mountain bike life. Thankfully theses days there are loads of cool and useful things you can get to help you out

Below you will find 10 trailside repair solutions from Lezyne.

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1. Lezyne Tubeless CO2 Blaster, £45

This a cunning 2-in-1 CO2 dispenser and tubeless tyre repair kit that simultaneously inflates and seals tubeless tyres. High quality tyre plugs aggressively seal holes that are too large to be sealed by sealant alone. Hardened steel reamer scours hole, inserts plug and inflates tyre for rapid repair. CNC-machined twist dial manually controls release of CO2 gas. The aluminium canister holds five tyre plugs and the reamer.

Buy Now: Lezyne Tubeless CO2 Blaster from Tweeks Cycles for only £37.00!

2. Lezyne Twin Speed Drive CO2, £15

The twin slip-fit head presses onto Presta and Schrader valves. The two piece head allows for easy O-ring replacement and its neoprene sleeve insulates your hand from cold during discharge.  Crisply CNC machined aluminium dispenser with brass internals.

Buy Now: Lezyne Twn Speed Drive Co2 from Wiggle for only £12.99!

3. Lezyne Tubeless Kit,£20

A compact tubeless repair kit with machined aluminium storage tube that doubles as the handle. Combined tyre reamer and insertion tool. Includes five tyre plugs.

Buy Now: Lezyne Tubelss Kit from Merlin Cycles for only £18.00!

4. Lezyne Sendit Caddy, £18

Modern frame strap that quickly and securely mounts to frame or seat post. Three labelled compartments keeps gear and tools organised and secure. Perfect for carrying tyre repair items. Durable, high quality materials including polyester, Neoprene, and rubberised elastics for added grip without damaging paintwork. Holds up to one 25g CO2 cartridge, a mountain bike inner tube, plus a small multi-tool and tyre levers. Tools not included.

Buy Now: LLezyne Sendit Caddy from Melrin Cycles for only £13.99!

5. Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HV, £45

HV stands for High Volume ie. MTB tyres not road bike tyres. Floor pump efficiency in a super compact, hand pump size. CNC machined aluminium barrel, piston, base and T-handle are optimised for high volume (90 psi max) applications. Long, versatile hose improves pumping convenience. Stainless steel foot peg stabilizes pump during use. ABS Flip-Thread Chuck equipped. Includes frame mount.

Buy Now: Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HV from Merlin Cycles for only £33.95!

6. Lezyne Digital Shock Drive, £70

Compact aluminium construction with an integrated hose that threads into the handle when not in use. Low-profile digital gauge is built into the pump’s body which keeps the pump compact, yet still provides an accurate measurement of air pressure. Pump provides up to 350 psi and features a zero-loss chuck design, which unthreads from the shock after the valve pin seals itself. Pretty much the ultimate shock pump!

Buy Now: Lezyne Digital Shock Drive from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £57.17!

7. Lezyne SV 16, £45

The Lezyne SV is a lightweight, low profile multi-tool optimized for modern component groups. It has CNC machined aluminium side plates and forged, centre-pivot stainless steel bits.

Buy Now: Lezyne SV 16 from Tredz for only £34.49!

8. Lezyne Flow Storage Adapter, £45

The Lezyne Flow Storage Adaptor is an integrated stainless steel storage bracket that fits under any bottle cage. Kit includes everything you can see in the picture above (Twin Speed Drive CO2 head, V5 multi tool, two CO2 cartridges and two Matrix tyre levers).

Buy Now: Lezyne Flow Storage Adapter from Tredz for only £40.00!

9. CNC Travel Floor Drive CNC, £90

Okay, so this isn’t exactly for “trail side” repairs BUT it is for helping you out with tyre inflation at the trailhead. Perhap the ultimate lightweight travel floor pump to keep in your vehicle. All the capabilities of a full-size floor pump. All parts are made of custom CNC machined aluminium. Comes with a protective canvas bag with draw string closure to protect the pump during transport or storage.

Buy Now: CNC Travel Floor Drive CNC from Merlin Cycles for only £75.95!

10. Lezyne Smart Kit (includes Boot), £3.50

An ultra compact tyre repair kit. Slim but substantial polypropylene case. The Lezyne smart kit includes six glueless patches, tyre boot and stainless steel scuffer-upperer.