Make your life easier

It’s all about the little things that make your life easier. You know, those bits that when you think about are pretty much indispensable.

We recently covered the 10 tools you should have in your workshop toolkit. Once you’ve got those sorted, what else should you think about?

When we’re working on any bike these are the essentials that we like to have on hand…

1. Workstand

Okay, technically this isn’t really a little thing but it is something that feels like you don’t need… until you get one and then you wonder what took so long. Repairs and maintenance work becomes quicker, better executed, more frequently done and just better in every way.

2. Chain lube, grease, WD40/GT85

Stop using 3-in-1 for everything.

3. Clean rags or roll

Don’t throw away those old clothes. Cut them up and shove them in a bag-for-life and give them another life a workshop rags.

4. Gloves

As well as protecting your skin from various workshop nastiness, gloves can actually improve your repair work. Latex gloves are much grippier than skin and as such can really help with fiddly jobs as well as adding extra purchase when undoing things (like rear shock air cans for example).

5. Apron

Stops you ruining every bit of clothing you own. Get an apron with pockets too for stowing your tools and bits while you work.

6. Chain checker

AKA the little moneysaver.

7. Spare cables

Don’t miss out out on a ride for sake of a cable. Get some in stock now.

8. Cable ends


9. Zip ties and tape

Like, duh.

10. Empty container

For putting bits so you don’t forget them or have them fly under the fridge or washing machine never to be seen again.

There you have it, ten workshop essentials that will really make life easier when working on your bike.

Have we missed any?

If you have an essential that you always have to hand that we haven’t mentioned, let us know in the comments below or on our social media channels.