To get you started here are some of favourites (and not so favourites…)

If you’re in any doubt what we’re after, then watch this first. This is our attempt at headcam DH footage shot at Cwmcarn. To jazz things up a bit we’ve got a soundtrack courtesy of The Bill, and sound effects courtesy of the Carry On films. More like this please!

This is another mbr special. This time we’ve gone for more of a laidback approach, just as you might on your typical weekend ride. There are dogs, big puddles and music from the Littlest Hobo. If you were getting the feeling that we prefer comedy to serious riding, you’d be right.

And if you want to know what we want to avoid, check this out — the preview to NWD8 Smackdown. Big stunts are great and everything, but we’re after more of a Some mothers do ‘ave ‘em approach.