Contains swearing!

Join Peaty and Craig Evans for a behind the scenes run down the inner city Sheffield DH track.

>>> Check out Steve Peat’s full section from the ‘Gamble’ film

If you haven’t seen Peaty’s full section from the recent Gamble vid then you’re missing out on a lesson in smoooth style. You’re also missing a lesson in how you can squeeze a full DH track into a disused, inner city area. Thanks to the hard work of Bike Track, Sheffield City Council and countless other helpers, the trail will hopefully inspire and become a track for wider use in the future.

You can still get the full Gamble film through iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play and more by following this link.

Take a little POV ride along with Peaty and fellow Yorkshireman Craig Evans as they smash it down the trail at Sheffield’s Ski Village Hill. Oh and apologies for the little bit of swearing at the end but it’s kind of acceptable under the circumstance!