We’ve got a full-on GPS watch test coming in the next issue of mbr (May), testing six of the best models out there for Strava riding. But if you’re skint, there’s another way to record your rides by GPS, and here’s how.

Find an old phone you have lying around in the bottom of a drawer — turn it on and check the batteries still work.

Check it has Bluetooth and expandable memory (via the SD cardm take off the back and you’ll see the slot).

Go online and buy a cheap Bluetooth GPS receiver (try this: bit.ly/gpsbluetooth).

Download the free application Trekbuddy www.trekbuddy.net and install it on your phone. You can get versions to work with Symbian, Android, Blackberry, Windows or Palm.

You’re set. Turn everything on, pair up the phone and GPS through Bluetooth and open the Trek Buddy app. Wait for the GPS fix and ride!