Two sizes: small and medium (£11.99) / ICS integrated clip system / Available with Velcro straps for other saddles / Water-resistant fabric and zip / Weight: 67g (small)
Contact: Extra UK 01933 672 170

Fizik uses a unique approach for its new Pa:k, where the integrated clip plugs into the slot on the back of Fizik saddles which usually houses the logo. We managed to squeeze a standard inner tube and a mid-sized multi-tool into the small Pa:k, with room for some loose change and little else. The waterproof zip helps keep your kit dry and the clip is securely fastened to the pack with four rivets. So far so good, but when it comes to clipping the pack on to the saddle it is difficult to know if it’s properly engaged as you can get it to click even though the pack isn’t fully secured. We discovered this when the Pa:k fell off on our first outing. Basically you have to make sure that the release button has popped out and is sitting proud of the bracket, which is easy to forget in a rush or if everything is covered in dirt. The Pa:k is a great design that needs tweaking to really perfect it.