Danny Hart Champery. A match made in heaven. There’s no better example of the art handling your bike in wet, muddy conditions than this.

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If you’ve never seen it then prepare to be blown away. And if you have seen it, well, it’s always worth another look!

If this doesn’t provide the best run ever then it certainly comes with the best commentary. Champery, regarded as one of the consistently steepest and hardest tracks in the world, played host to the 2011 World Championships.

To make things worse the weather was atrocious leaving many riders struggling to even get down the hill.

Step forward Danny Hart, his text book run left his competitors 11 seconds in arrears and Rob Warner (almost) lost for words.

DH wins the Worlds for the first time, recording probably the scariest run of all time thanks to a brutal track and muddy, slippy conditions: Look out for the big whip near the bottom of the course. Strangely enough though, the commentary is nearly as famous as the riding, with Rob Warner yelling: “Stay on yer bike, Danny,” half way down.