Contains arguably the best section of descent in the UK

From the outset, this splendidly isolated trail ascends consistently and gradually — rarely does such great altitude come so easily.

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Only in a few places will you need to switch your brain on, and this firm, stony trail is rideable in all conditions, offering considerable grip. Once over the small wooden bridge, the mountains start to close in, the trail steepens and the challenges begin. Some fighting spirit and strong legs will see you up most of the climb; only in a few places will the best have to push.

Once up on Bealach Ban, you are greeted by one of the best views anywhere in the UK. To the north is the Liathach, a collection of Munros arranged along a West-East axis, and it’s here that the terrain of Torridon is at its most striking.

At the lochan above the corrie, the fun begins with some fast, rocky singletrack around the water’s edge that’s a taste of what is to come. Drop into the Coire Lair on some loose rubble, barrel though a series of crests and dips and keep the power down as the glen opens out.

When a number of paths converge you’re at the beginning of arguably the best section of descent in the UK. The gneiss rock offers unrivalled grip and the turns keep coming. You might even find yourself laughing at the ridiculous quantity of grip on tap.

By the time you rejoin the road, you’ll have climbed almost 2,500 feet and dropped it again in spectacular fashion. You may even have a sunset to pedal into on the way back to the start point.