Yorkshire Dales, the land of caves and waterfalls. Famed for its flat-topped Three Peaks, and idyllic limestone pavements, it is way too often overlooked by the lure of the mountain bike oasis that is the Lakes.

  • 21.7km (13.5 miles)

Winding its way around the quaint valleys surrounding the neighbouring villages of Clapham and Austwick, the ‘Clapham Loop’ is regarded as a classic by visitors and locals alike.

The tunnels, that used to keep the servants of the vast Inglebourgh Hall hidden from view on their morning commute, now act as an enthusiastic warm-up that quickly climbs out of the village leading you into the foothills of the iconic Inglebourgh.

The wide grassy slopes soon kick you out over a glassy limestone slab into some tight-walled singletrack. A playground for the adventurous, you soon work your way down towards Austwick with hop, wallride and skid potential a-plenty.

Feizor plays host to the first sandwich opportunity with the cafe on the ford closely linked by another walled singletrack spin round to Austwick to sample the local ale at The Game Cock.

The testing grassy climb back in the direction of the hills is an optional addition, remembering the descent never fails to crack a smile with the pump-track style lumps and bumps down Long Lane.

With the tunnels providing a terrifying pitch black finale into the village, the Clapham Loop offers more than enough thrills to draw trail-centre warriors and hike-a-bike enthusiasts away from the Lakeland Fells.