This is one of the shortest routes we’ve ever featured on these pages but don’t let that put anybody off; what it lacks in distance, this little gem definitely makes up for in quality with some incredibly technical riding on some of the best trails in the area.
The Ullswater trail is almost legendary by now; a narrow roller-coaster of natural rocky steps that provide an almost endless supply of heart-in-the-mouth moments; made all the worse by knowing that any eating of dirt will almost certainly be witnessed by a couple of walkers and of course, Fido. It really pays to tackle this one at quieter times, and even then be prepared to walk some sections unless your trials skills are finely honed.
With the technical challenges behind you for the time being, it’s time for some grappling with gravity on a huge pull up to Boredale Hause. Most of it will go from the saddle but the final few metres require a strong shoulder. Once up, it feels like heaven; easy grassy trails and some of the best views in the whole of the Lakes — an accolade indeed.
It gets technical again for a while, and it’s not a place you’d want to fall. Drop a few metres, though, and the going starts to ease, gradually becoming an excellent descent that more than justifies the climb up in the first place. The final section along the valley floor feels like an added bonus and you’re sure to be smiling when you finally ford the beck and bump your way down the final lane.