Hope Pro 2 hubs can go without service for quite some time, proudly and loudly clicking their way down the trail for several seasons. However, even the best components need some maintenance eventually. As with all Hope hubs, the Pro 2 can be stripped down completely and serviced as required. Generally, with the right parts, even the most neglected Hope hub can be serviced to work pretty much as it did from new.


The spares needed to service these hubs aren’t expensive and you should be able to order them from your local bike shop. Check the Hope website for parts details and availability, and make sure you get the correct ones because the bearings differ between Pro 2 and Pro 2 Evo hubs.

How to service your Hope hubs mountain bike maintenance video

Keep your hubs nicely ticking over with a spot of servicing

Tools-wise, it is a good idea to invest in proper Hope bearing drifts and a Pro 2 seal installation tool (it’s £21.10 for a complete Pro 2 Tool Kit). The drifts can be substituted with correctly sized sockets that sit on the outer race of the bearing, but these can cause damage and are harder to use. Seeing as you have invested in a quality component it makes sense to use the proper kit. Also, don’t use a really thick grease in the freehub mechanism as this will just increase drag.

For a full step-by-step guide to servicing your Hope hubs, check the December 2013 issue of MBR, in the shops from Wednesday November 13.