Extend your existing drivetrain's capacity

We show you how to fit a wide range 10 speed cassette to your existing single-ring setup mountain bike.

Tools you will need

  • Chain whip
  • Lock ring tool
  • Chain tool
  • New chain
  • You may also need a longer B-tension bolt for your rear mech
  • You may also need a new rear mech (see below) and some Allen keys

If you have a bike with a single-ring 10 speed drivetrain, chances are you find yourself struggling on hilly terrain and steeper climbs. A traditional cassette with a 34T or 36T largest sprocket is hard work in the hills.

Fear not, you don’t have to put up with pushing. Nor is your only option an expensive upgrade to an entire new 11 speed drivetrain.

What you need is a wide-range 10 speed cassette.

Such cassettes are not made by the usual suspects (Shimano or SRAM) but are instead supplied by aftermarket specialists such as Praxis or Sunrace. From these companies you can equip yourself with a 10 speed cassette with whopping 40T or 42T largest sprocket.

Before you buy anything, make sure your existing rear mech will be able to handle the wide-range cassette. Basically short cage rear mechs won’t work. If your rear mech is a medium or long cage rear mech (chances are it is), it’s fine.

This video will walk you through the following steps…

  1. Remove old chain
  2. Remove old cassette
  3. Install new cassette
  4. Setting up your rear mech (NB: you will also have to adjust your rear mech’s B-tension screw!)
  5. Fit new chain
  6. Index gears