How to fit rim tape correctly for perfect tubeless performance.

How to fit tubeless rim tape. Make your tubeless ready rims airtight with our easy to follow guide from the tubeless master Alistair Vines.

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1. Use the correct tape

Success can be had with all sorts of tape – Gaffer, insulation etc but generally you can’t beat the tape recommended by your rim manufacturer. The width needs to be right too. DT recommends a 32mm tape for this 30mm internal width XM481. Before you start fitting the tape degrease the rim bed with Isopropyl Alcohol. Once dry start applying the tape between the 1st and 2nd spoke hole next to the valve as shown.

2. Tight is right

Pull the tape taut as you apply it around the rim covering the valve hole and carrying on around the rim for one revolution. Keep the tape central for even coverage between the rim walls. Finish by cutting the tape so there is an approximate 15cm overlap. This will give a double layer of tape at the valve.

3. Valve hole

Push the tape into the rim bed to make sure it’s properly adhered. Locate the valve hole. Using a sharp implement slightly smaller than the tubeless valve you are about to fit pierce the tape from the outside as shown to allow the fitting of the valve – make sure your hole is dead central to the rim’s valve hole.

4. Not too tight

Push the valve into position. Make sure the end of the valve sits in the rim bed correctly orientating it so that it fits snugly in the trough of the rim bed. Add the O ring and tighten the lockring as shown – it needs to be tight but only use your fingers as you might need to remove this on the trail.