The Cube AMS Hybrid One44 Super TM takes advantage of Bosch's lightweight SX drive system


Lightweight electric mountain bikes are all the rage at the minute. And what’s not to love? They bridge the gap between acoustic and full-fat eMTBs, but with a more natural riding feel than full power bikes, and they’re lighter, too. 

And if you’re thinking of trying this new trend in mountain biking, what better bike than the Cube AMS Hybrid One44 with Bosch’s lightweight SX drive system. Cube has been developing its eMTBs over the past few years to become a leading brand, and now they’re taking the more premium end of the market by storm. Let’s take a look at the new Cube AMS Hybrid One44 range, and in particular, the Super TM model. 


The Cube AMS Hybrid ONE44 C:68X SUPER TM is incredibly lightweight and agile

What type of riding does the Cube AMS Hybrid One44 suit?

The Cube AMS Hybrid One44 is an all-mountain eMTB. This means it’s best-suited for a wide variety of terrain, from bike parks to natural trails. And with the Bosch SX motor, it’s got enough power to assist you up steep, technical climbs, but without it being overpowering. 

With 140mm travel front and rear, you can be confident of the capabilities of the bike, even when the terrain gets techy. It’s future proofed with a UDH gear hanger, and you can adjust the headset angle between 65.4° and 66° if you find you want to alter the geometry to better suit your trail riding. 


This bike is engineered for all-mountain fun

The Cube AMS Hybrid One44 Super TM spec

When Cube says the bike is lightweight, they aren’t lying. In the eMTB world, we often consider anything under 20kg to fall into this category – the AMS Hybrid One44 Super TM model weighs just 17.7kg. Think back a few years and you may have even picked up a downhill rig at this weight. 

Cube has used its C:68X carbon fibre frame technology to help keep the weight low. This is a specific formulation of carbon fibre and nano particle-infused resin. This, in conjunction with the Precision Advanced Twin Mold manufacturing allows Cube to eliminate the requirement for bonded sleeves or inserts in the frame structure – meaning it can be even lighter, without sacrificing strength. 

In terms of components on the bike, you’ll find SRAM’s XX Eagle Transmission 12-speed groupset, with Magura MT Trail hydraulic brakes. The brand has also gone for Newmen Advanced SL A.30 wheels with a Maxxis Assegai 2.5in and Dissector 2.4in tyre pairing. For the suspension, expect smooth performance from the Fox 36 Factory Grip2 fork and Fox Float X Factory shock. All of this, is why Cube calls the Super TM model ‘Super Trail Motion’.


The Bosch SX motor makes light work of the trails

A lightweight bike with a powerful little motor

The Bosch SX drive system is a mid-power unit. It tops out at 55Nm of torque, and 600W. It rewards those who pedal with a higher cadence, so if you’re hitting 70RPM or below you’ll get 400W maximum, versus 600W over 70RPM. This keeps things feeling more realistic on the trail. It’s like you, but after you’ve had your Weetabix (and done lots of training).

Cube has also used a 400Wh battery – which for a lightweight eMTB is bigger than usual. Many lightweight bikes use 250-300Wh batteries, and then add in the option of a range extender for those who want more miles out of their bike. The Cube AMS Hybrid One44 Super TM comes with a 400Wh integrated battery in the down tube, and the option of a 250Wh range extender which fits neatly on the bottle cage mount on the frame. 

While the SX system is gaining in popularity after its release last year, other brands may use things like the Fazua Drive 50 or TQ motors to keep weight down and power up. That being said, not many can boast the light weight of this combination, and that paired with the large-than-average battery makes the Cube AMS Hybrid One44 Super TM an all-round hero. 

You can get hold of the Cube AMS Hybrid One44 SuperTM for £7,999 but there are other more affordable models in the range. The AMS Hybrid One44 C:68X SLX starts at £5,499, the AMS Hybrid One44 C:68X TM at £5,999 and the AMS Hybrid One44 C:68X SLT at £7,499. 

The Cube AMS Hybrid One44 range is available from dealers around Europe and the UK, including the Cube Store in Gloucester if you prefer your brick and mortar shops.