£60 for men's Freerider Pros... £39 for women's?! Stockpile them while you can as we probably won't see a deal like this again in a hurry.


The Five Ten Freerider Pro is up to 70% off at Evans Cycles in the Cyber Monday sale, but time is running out, so get in there quick if you want to stock up on a fresh pair of the best flat pedal shoes on the market. Five Ten has been market leader in mountain bike flat shoes for well over 15 years now, and still boasts a something special that few rival shoes can muster. A secret sauce, separating the best from the rest. I’m talking about the slurpiest, grippiest rubber, which in the case of the Freerider Pro offers unparalleled traction with your pedal.

And this is what a great flat pedal shoe is all about. Plenty of brands get the uppers well dialled, offer good toe protection, or posh ratchets, but neglect the all-important sole. Not the Freerider Pro, it uses Five Ten’s Stealth S1 rubber, which is plenty soft enough for the pins to dig in and gain traction. But it’s not the only great deal out there: We’ve scoured the internet to find all the best discounts over Black Friday and Cyber Monday on mountain bikes and kit here.

Five Ten men’s Freerider Pro | Save 50% at Evans
Was £120, now £60
The Five Ten Freerider Pro is our go-to shoe for trail riding, it’s got the best sole in the business thanks to its Stealth rubber, and Five Ten has made some tweaks this year to add comfort and foot protection. If you want the best flat pedal shoe, this is the one.
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Five Ten women’s Freerider Pro| Save 70% at Evans
Was £130, now £39
Check out the discount on the Five Ten Women’s Freerider Pro, it’s out of this world. The truth is it’s the same shoe as the men’s version, but in a different colour and a smaller range of sizes. In fact, it stretches up to an eight, so if you can fit into it go for the women’s version, whatever your gender. It gets the same superlative grippy sole though, which is the important part.
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Five Ten Sleuth DLX| Save 70% at Evans
Was £110, now £33
The Five Ten Sleuth DLX is also on sale at Evans right now, it now costs just 30% of its original price. The Sleuth blends riding and pubwear with a laidback look and comfy feel, all without losing the Stealth rubber sole. The feel and control is second to none when you’re riding, and we highly rate them for dry-weather days.
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We’ve been bringing you some of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for a few weeks now, cherry-picking the best from the distinctly average. And this is definitely one of the discounts we’ve been scouring the web for: when you see the  Five Ten Freerider Pro this cheap it makes sense to stock up.

Five Ten Freerider Pro Primeblue

Five Ten Freerider Pro also comes in a Primeblue version, but it’s actually not as grippy or easy to pedal in. Stick with the original

Freerider Pro magic

Squishy rubber is one thing, but it also has noticeably slower rebound than the competition, adding to the grip and anchoring your foot to the pedal. It also means the midsole can be stiff enough to pedal in all day without feeling like you’re losing too much of your oomph.

FiveTen Freerider Pro mountain bike shoe

FiveTen Freerider Pro mountain bike shoe

Five Ten made some changes to the famous Freerider Pro in 2023, footwear that’s been top of our list of best flat pedal shoes for a decade now. The toe and heel boxes were expanded to improve comfort and let you put the shoe on and off more easily, and that rubber compound on the soul had a recipe tweak to make it even grippier. Together, those changes just cemented the Freerider Pro in our minds as the flat pedal shoe GOAT.

It’s not perfect, the standard shoelaces tend to wear out, and the upper can crack before you’re quite through the sole, but it’s a price worth paying for ultimate grip. Especially considering the price you’re paying now is half the usual cost. There are – at last – some shoes out there to compete with the Freerider Pro, like the Specialized 2FO Roost or Ride Concepts Hellion Elite. But the original is still the best.

And with an even bigger discount is the more casual Sleuth DLX with a crazy 70% off, bringing it down to just £33. When we tested the Sleuth DLX we rated them highly with a 9/10 score, and commented: “Where these shoes excel, is for bombing a few pump track laps, styling it up down the dirt jumps or shredding drier trails; they’re light enough to pedal and turn over easily, offer maximum sensitivity and feel from the bike with tenacious traction, and also look great to hang out in after riding.” So there you go: highly recommended.