She placed 10-40 logs per day

A woman who set booby traps on mountain bike trails in Canada has been sentenced to three years probation and 150 hours community service.

Tieneke Kraal dragged rocks and logs onto the Skull trail in British Columbia with the intention of slowing riders down, she can also no longer set foot on any British Columbia mountain bike trail.

Mrs Kraal, 65, was filmed putting obstacles on the trails by local riders Gord Berg and Shaun Rivers, their footage led to her arrest. She pleaded guilty to mischief by willfully rendering property dangerous, useless, inoperative or ineffective in September last year and appeared in court for sentencing yesterday.

Kraal left between 10 and 40 logs on the trail between 4am and 6am each day but CBC reports that in court she said: “I never wanted to hurt anybody. I’m just really sorry.”

Her sentenced was reduced as it is claimed she has been living under virtual house arrest since the incidents due to the vitriol of the local mountain bike community – one social media comment that was raised in the hearing said: “just kill her”.

Kraal now suffers from panic attacks and arthritis, she is also the primary care giver for her husband who is undergoing treatment for his third bout of cancer.

The Globe and Mail reports that Rivers, one of the mountain bikers who help to catch Kraal, said: “We’ve been bridging this gap between users for a lot of years. This is just a speed bump that came in, but it also helped to have people think about what’s going on up there. And that we’re not a mountain biker, we’re not a hiker, we’re not a dog walker, we’re all community users of our forest”


  • Abraham Lincoln

    Fine. You can go out there, put traps to injury or even kill people and then all you have to do is say that you are ill, you have panic attacks, you are a prisoner in your house because the mob rightfully wants to skin you alive, your husband is ill and you are the carer, your are a single parent and are the carer of your kids, your cat and your dog have no one else to look after them, your plants are gonna die, etc., etc., and hurray! all you get is a probation, community work and no jail! No doubt. It is worth to be a bad guy. Nothing proportionally bad will happen to you, just symbolic sentences. So, what are you waiting for? The justice is telling you to go out and hurt or kill people with their blessings. Honestly! This woman should have been taken as an example of punishment to discourage other sick people like her of doing the same. At least 500 hundred whips, 10 per week in a public venue were in order.