The F-word is to blame - flow

The ‘Insufficient Funds’ trail at Bike Park Wales has been given a comprehensive makeover.

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The word from the Bike Park Wales guys… The Trail Crew have been testing and making adjustments to make sure the trail has the required flow and fun factor. Check out the video to see what the team have been up to.

The trail crew have been working their magic once again, this time it’s Insufficient Funds that has received some serious TLC.


Insufficient Funds has always been a bit of a Marmite trail, a classic love it or hate it. Previously Insufficient Funds had a mix of rocky sections leading into jump sections. Truth be told it was a little on the rough side and was sometimes a bit tricky to get enough flow to enjoy all of the jumps. The latest improvements will undoubtedly have everyone loving it.


So, how have they made it better….

The top section now has a load of super flowy berms that will have you have you grinning in no time!


As you make your way down the trail there are now five wooden backed drops dotted between the berms. With the improved flow of the trail theses drop offs are super fun and very addictive.