Friends, pixies, fairies... lend me your shovels!

Trail maintenance volunteer groups across Europe are coming together to get their trails in shape this spring.

Take Care of Your Trails Weekend is happening on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd April 2017.


We all know mountain bikers have great community spirit, right? Well now’s our chance to prove it.

That means we could see Friends of the Hurtwood, Oneplanet Adventure’s Volunteer Trail Pixie Team, the Glentress Trailfairies and loads more all working on the same day, across the UK.

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Called the Take Care of Your Trails Weekend, it’s basically a big call-to-arms for trail repair, maintenance and building works. It could be the largest ever concerted dig day too.

It’s all happening on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 April 2017. Trail repair groups from Scotland to Poland, Denmark to Czech Republic and Sweden to Spain will heft their shovels in unison.

Slightly off-topic, but check out Tyler McCaul building then riding a new dual track…

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It’s billed as a competition too, to see which nation can get the most volunteers out there, but we reckon there’s probably enough European bickering going on at the moment to do without the element of competition.

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The weekend will be centrally co-ordinated by IMBA Europe who will collate each countries results at the end of the weekend. The whole thing is based on an idea by Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland (DMBinS) which has been running a similar scheme nationally for two years.

The winning country will be presented with a prize at the IMBA Europe 2017 Summit in Agueda, Portugal.

Tools for the job

There’s a new trail building weapon from BTR, called the Tough Rake. It’s handmade by Burf and Tam from BTR, zinc plated and comes with a hefty wooden handle, yours for £80.

Then there’s the Trailhead TT-Mk1 tool, also £80 and also lovingly handmade and heavy duty. It even has a bottle opener in it.

Finally, we love the Pick Azada from — it’s light enough to heft all day and slices through soil. It’s much cheaper too, at £29.

Some inspiration from Sam Pilgrim

Sam Pilgrim: “So we decided to give ourselves two hours to build and ride a track from fresh in an effort to show you that it is possible to make a fun bike track fast and with ease!! All you need is some friends and a hill and its time to ride!”