Put down your Bula hat, the 2018 Malverns Classic is bang up to date

Taking place over the weekend of the 15th – 17th of June, the Malverns Classic will be returning to its spiritual home of Easton Deer Park near Ledbury.

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2018 Malverns Classic need to know

  • Live Bands and DJs.
  • On site catering and licenced bar
  • Large marquees on site, we will ensure good times whatever the weather
  • Spawn Cycles Kids Zone with qualified coaches and skills area
  • For the little ones: Fun races, Cycling ability courses, face painting, bouncy castles and a pump track
  • Muc-Off Pump Track: Racing and open sessions for all
  • The WD40 Retro Show and Shine: £1,000 in cash for the ‘Best in Show’ retro bike
  • Expo Village: Over 50 stands both retailing and displaying all the latest kit
  • TRP Lake Ride: Armbands are compulsory as you will be trying to ride the skinny planks across the lake!
  • Jez Avery Stunt Show: Now it wouldn’t be the Malverns without Jez Avery! Jez will be up to his old tricks as well as new ones, showboating for you, entertaining both young and old with his stunt show
  • The Ultimate/Exposure Pub Quiz
  • Wi-Fi: Free for all to use
  • Security and Medics on site 24 hour
  • Serviced toilets and showers
  • Parking and camping on site
  • Weekend passes and race entries
malverns classic

Dual Slalom is always one of the highlights of the Malverns.

After a twenty year hiatus the premier MTB event of the nineties the Malverns Classic is back with a bang and with a simple message… bikes are great.

mbr caught up Si Paton, the mastermind behind the resurrection to find out just what the new Malverns Classic is all about.

What made you want to bring the Malvern’s back?

SP: “Well the blame lies firmly at the feet of Clive Gosling [Cannondale UK and CSG director of Marketing]. We were talking one day and as he knew I was looking for a new project [Si was the man behind the British Downhill Series for the past ten years] he said, bring the Malverns back. The British bike industry, race scene and the riders themselves have been clammering for an event to bring everything together to celebrate the sheer enjoyment of riding bikes and spending fun times with other like-minded people.”

Malvern Classic

mbr’s James Bracey BITD (Back In The Day) smashing it out of the bombhole at the Malvern Classic XC race circa 1996.


What are you most looking forward to?

SP: “I really just want to stand in the arena, look up at the hillside and see people riding the courses for as far as the eye can see. That’s what makes the Malverns Classic so special. Outside of race time ALL of the courses are open for anyone to ride. That’s everything from the cross country loop, to the downhill to the quad eliminator. So even if you aren’t racing the main events you can still race your mates whenever you want. It’s why I want everyone to bring their bike. It doesn’t matter your age or ability, I just want to see you riding!”

What are some of the highlights that the public can expect?

SP: “First up we wanted to encourage the next generation of riders so we have a full schedule of kids races. All of which are free and the other great thing for mums and dads is we will have cycling coaches on hand to guide and encourage the younger riders. I think the live bands and DJs we have booked for the evening entertainment should go down a treat and help to bring more of a festival feel to the whole occasion. And in keeping with the slight retro theme there will be plenty of 90’s tunes going round! The other non-riding highlight will hopefully be the Retro Show and Shine competition. With £1000 on offer for the winner this is the chance to show off your favourite pre-1998 classic MTB.

“But it won’t be the Malverns without the Bombhole. Okay, it probably isn’t anywhere near as extreme as it used to feel but it’s still going to be a hub for spectators to watch riders sending it to the moon.”

malvern classic

What about the lake jumping?

SP: “Sadly the depth of the lake falls below safe limits so we can’t have lake jumping as we know it. But we are hopefully going to introduce the Skinny Lake ride! Exactly as it sounds, we’ll set up a skinny plank across the lake. Come along and see how far you can get across.”

What was your favourite memory of the original festivals?

SP: “I’ve got so many! Racing dual slalom on my Klein Pinnacle. The atmosphere at the bombhole. The whole Saturday night fun element. And of course the mbr bridge (a giant wooden bridge over the road that was part of the DH, dual slalom and quad eliminator course), especially when it was painted and then it rained, carnage!. It was the biggest thing anyone ever jumped at the time.”

So you raced?

SP: “Yep, Dual Slalom was the one for me but I also raced the Quad Eliminator and Dual Eliminator. For this year all the events are entry level, after all the hill isn’t any bigger than it was back in the day. So anyone is able to get involved and compete.”

What bike did you ride?

SP: “It used to be we had one bike for all racing. I used to race Friday night dual slalom on my XC bike. Just drop your saddle and it was all good. Then for the cross country just put your saddle back up. I had a Klein Pinnacle for most of my racing and then from 1996 onwards I had a cool Foes LTS for the more ‘gravity’ based races.”

What will you be riding this year?

SP: “I’ll be mainly riding a Cannondale Moterra eBike so I can nip around wherever I need to be! And I’ll also be dusting off the Foes for old time’s sake.”

What should people bring?

SP: “Your helmet, you’ll want to ride. A charger for your phone, there’s loads to see. Your family and all your friends, they’ll want to be part of this. And finally some beers, do you need a reason?”