Danny is Champion of the World - again! Here are his finest moments.

Danny Hart is your new downhill world champion for 2016, after winning on one of the roughest tracks in the world, at Val di Sole, Italy. The Redcar Rocket last wore the rainbow stripes in 2011.

In tribute, we’re taking a look at Danny’s top runs of all time, on video: Champery, Lenzerheide, Vallnord and more.

The fastest or most exciting rides of his life – plus one cheeky little bonus ride with mbr mucking about in Whistler.

Val di Sole, Italy, 2016

Danny looked fast. Seriously fast, on a terrifying rocky track that caused carnage, spitting off riders left right and centre, like Aaron Gwin and Manon Carpenter. It looked like Aaron Gwin might challenge him for the win but the American ripped his tyre off on a rock and with it has chances. So there we have it, Danny the champion of the world!

Champery, France 2011

DH wins the Worlds for the first time, recording probably the scariest run of all time thanks to a brutal track and muddy, slippy conditions: Look out for the big whip near the bottom of the course. Strangely enough though, the commentary is nearly as famous as the riding, with Rob Warner yelling: “Stay on yer bike, Danny,” half way down.

Lenzerheide, Switzerland, 2016

The closest winning margin in downhill? Probably, at 0.096 seconds up over second place Aaron Gwin, and the start of DH’s trio of wins over Aaron Gwin. It was Danny’s first ever World Cup win, but it looked like he’d come second for most of the run, so far back was he on Gwin’s time. He pulled it back on the last half of the track though, and looked really with the win — just check out his fist pumping.

Mont St Anne, Canada, 2016

Racing doesn’t come much more precise than this: watch Danny Hart clipping the course tape in a storm of poles and plastic, on the way to winning his second ever World Cup. It was clever riding from the Redcar Rocket too, changing his line in the bottom section where he’d been slow timed training. It worked, and he managed to fend off the late charge from Gwin.

Vallnord, Andorra, 2016

Hart versus Gwin part three. Danny wraps up the season with yet another win, and yet again it’s in the rain. There were five riders to go still, and Gwin’s run was ruined somewhat by torrential rain, but Danny still had to record a smooth and near faultless run to win.

On holiday with Danny, Whistler, 2015

Our own Danny Milner meets Danny Hart in Whistler and tries to keep up. Was it a coincidence that the auspicious meeting took place just before Hart’s performance increased? Did Milner, former runner up in the Leith Hill enduro, dish out some racing wisdom? We’ll never know, although rumour has it Hart now carries a lock of Milner’s hair as a lucky charm.