It's certainly a looker.

The new Orbea Rallon is a 150mm travel carbon fibre 29er enduro race machine with stunning looks and a cool exposed rear shock location.

orbea rallon 29

2018 Orbea Rallon 29

2018 Orbea Rallon 29 need to know

  • 150mm travel 29er
  • 160mm suspension fork with 51mm offset
  • Carbon fibre
  • Asymmetrical frame design
  • 65 or 65.5° head angle via flipchip
  • 75.5° to 76° seat angle via flipchip
  • Boost 148
  • Internal cable/hose routing
  • Sizes: S/M, M/L, L/XL
  • £3,899 to £6,899

orbea rallon 29

Since its inception a few years ago, the Orbea Rallon was always the most interesting and progressive model in the Basque bike company’s range. The Rallon has always been a cult favourite among riders seeking progressive long/low/slack geometry.

The new Rallon sports the latest version of this geometry but it’s now rolling on 29in wheels.

It’s an interesting move from Orbea. Maybe it’s a reaction against direct sales enduro bikes like the Canyon Strive and the YT Capra that must have impacted sales of the 27.5 Rallon in recent year. Perhaps it’s just an evitable evolution. Seemingly all the big brands and the boutique brands are doing long travel 29ers now.

orbea rallon 29

Asymmetrical frame

And how about that ‘exposed’ rear shock location with the asymmetrical single-sided frame layout? Sure, there may be a vague scientific reason for making it like (it’s possibly a tad lighter) but the key thing about it is that it looks damn cool. And who doesn’t love things that look cool?

orbea rallon 29

In this day and age, the new Rallon is best described as an enduro bike. And indeed, Orbea’s marketing mentions the Enduro World Series a few times. But it’ll be interesting to see if the new Rallon is still the trail ripper for regular riders that is has been in the past.

orbea rallon 29

Geometry changing flipchip

A small but significant number is the fork offset. It’s heartening to see the progressively-minded Orbea opting for the shorter 44mm fork offset. Aggro niners ride much better with short offsets in our experience. Kudos Orbea.

orbea rallon 29

Four bar with a rear axle concentric pivot

The suspension design is a four-bar design (which are becoming ever more prevalent since Specialized patent expired recently). The main pivot is a bit higher up compared to previous Rallons, presumably to reduce pedal bob.

Interestingly, at the back the pivot is concentric to the rear axle à la Trek’s ABP or Dave Weagle’s Split Pivot. The reasoning behind this is to remove brake forces from interfering with the suspension action.