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    can i fit different rotors to my formula k18 brakes, 180mm discs, e.g. shimano etc. if better to stick to same formula then no problem, just wondering as 37 for new formula rotors and can pick up shimano rotors much cheaper, but if it compromising the quality of the brakes i will just pay the extra, just finished west highland way and need a few spares for the bike, think it was the wettest weekend in months and bikes took a lot of abuse. if anyone doing mind spare pads as the grinding paste destroyed our brakes.

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    Should be fine to mix makes as long as they follow the same format. The Shimano ones use their own 'centre lock' fitting but most others use the standard 6 bolt.

    Could check out Superstar Components their pads are well rated and at those prices the discs must be worth trying at least.

    Check the reviews first of course.
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    Shimano do 6 bolt too.

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