Just (well 3 weeks ago) got back from 3 days in the alps and riding the Passportes but by the end of the first day my hands were in agony.
This wasn't blisters or numb hands, it was the base of my fingers near the main knuckle joint.
I've messed around with the position of the brake levers and even bought some thicker, softer compound grips but to no avail. I've also altered the pressure in my forks as well as different rebound settings to see if this helped.
I spent the next 2 days riding high on Nurofen and ibuprofen gel on my hands to try and numb the pain.
This isn't something new, however. I had a similar thing after a downhill day at Cwmcarn earlier in the year.
Even know, 3 weeks later, I can still feel faint pain near the base of my fingers.
Any ideas whats causing this and if so, how do I stop it.