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    Fox Float RL Seal

    Had the shock serviced about 3 weeks ago by mojo, looks like the seals slipped, I have been riding quite hard recently, can I fix it myself or down the LBS?

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    Re: Fox Float RL Seal

    I'd get it done at LBS Steve. you will need to see if and crud has got in behind it.

    Can you fix it yourself = yes.

    Would I = no.

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    Re: Fox Float RL Seal

    I would be tempted to call mojo first and see what they say if you only had it serviced by them 3 weeks ago, I owuld not be happy if it happened to me
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    Re: Fox Float RL Seal

    Speak to mojo, try to talk to one of their tech bods, they may be able to talk you through it, it would save you and them a lot of trouble.

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    Re: Fox Float RL Seal

    if that was me i'd be on the phone to get it sorted by them, looks like they've done a bad job if that's only 3 weeks of riding.

    should be free of charge too, mojo can do better than that so let them know it.
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    Re: Fox Float RL Seal

    If you're familiar with an air sleeve service, you can reseat the seal yourself. That's only the outer wiper seal that prevents dirt getting to the air seal inside it. It has a lip that sits in a recess in the bottom of the can body that can twist when fitted, or if too little lube is used, can get dragged out of place by the stiction. (I suspect the latter is the case here)Too much lube creates issues too, so it's a fine balance, and not really a big problem.
    It's literally deflate the shock, screw off the air sleeve or can as it's sometimes called, clean (and in this case, reseat) the seal, smear with fork grease, add Float fluid in the can and on the internal shaft to lube the seals, then reassemble.
    If you're not confident about stripping your shock down so soon after a service, the guys at Mojo are always really helpful. And it's worth giving them a call.
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