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Thread: New commuter section?

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    New commuter section?

    Hi All,

    Would you find a specific commuter section to the forum useful? Seems there's some chat on a bunch of different threads about riding to work.

    Jamie Darlow
    staff writer, mbr

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    Re: New commuter section?

    Better still a readers review section!

    As we have our bikes longer than you have long termers, it might be nice for all to see the problems that we have had with product X or component Y, what we have worn out and replaced, what "sucked" from the start, and what is likely to go on forever.

    It might be an idea to split between components, accessories and entire bikes.

    This may help others out there to choose where to spend their hard earned cash appropriately.

    Use our collective knowledge for the greater good, as you often say you cannot review every "Manifacturer X" bike in production, why not let us, with an obvious disclaimer that these opinions are ours personally and are in now way endorsed by the magazine (or sweet producers).

    You might also be able to pick up on potential weak components, due to number of people who say they are having trouble with X or Y and advise appropriately.

    Just a thought, it has probably been suggested before.

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    Re: New commuter section?

    2 great ideas there, im sure this forum is big enough for the both of em.

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    Re: New commuter section?

    Second that.

    damn good ideas. OK MBR TOWERS GO FOR IT.
    The more the merrier and all that stuff.
    I was a teenage werewolf!


    FEED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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