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Thread: Handle bar widths

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    Handle bar widths

    Hi all my mtb has handle bars of 63cm wide yet Ive noticed bikes with a lot smaller widths, is thre a reason for this or just personal preferance??

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    Re: Handle bar widths

    It is a personal thing...

    but mainly depends on riding style..

    wider is usually for DH
    narrow for XC

    narrow is more twitchy and responsive
    wide more forgiving..
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    Re: Handle bar widths

    Even 63cm is pretty narrow by todays standards. As mentioned above, a wider bar gives more control and stability but slows the steering down (a shorter stem compensates for this). While wide bars have traditionally been the choice of downhillers, they are becoming more and more common on trail bikes.

    I love wide bars and run 740mm on my trail bike and 785 on my downhill bike, but then I come from downhilling and am also a pretty big guy with wide shoulders. Something around the 680mm mark is fairly standard for trail bars. It's very much a personal choice though, although I wouldn't recommend going any narrower than your current setup.

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