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Thread: Specialized hardrock comp fork upgrades

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    Thanks DISGreece. When choosing replacement forks will any forks fit the Hardrock frame? I know that 100mm travel is the maximum the frame can support but does the size of the steerer tubes and stansion tubes also affect what fork will fit the HR frame?

    Also will the current disc brakes relocate from the sun tour forks onto a Recon or Reba fork? Something to do with "IS" or "IG" mounts? Sorry for all the newbie questions!!

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    Steerer tube:yes. Yours is almost definitely a 1 1/8th steerer.
    Your brakes will almost definitely be pm mount.

    Don't worry about the stansions, the measurement you'll see will be the diameter, which affects the strength and stiffness.

    What year is your bike? What model are the forks?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanis Draven View Post
    Did you upgrade your forks in the end? WHat did you go for?

    I have a HR Comp as well and also want to change the forks from the Suntour ones. Tora, Dart, Recon... What to choose??
    Thread is over two years old, OP not really been active since. I guess they won't reply.

    Recon or tora would be my choice as they can be had cheaper now.

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    The steere tube will probably be too long and need cutting... may be best to get the fork fitted at the LBS
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    My bike is a 2010 Hardrock comp with SR Suntour SF9-XCR-LO 80mm forks.

    I want to upgrade them but there are just soooo many to choose from and i don't want to get something thats not compatible.

    I've been told Fox Vanillas or Rockshox Recon/Reba/Tora but even these come in various guises. Not easy for a newbie!

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    So i'm thinking of buying these RockShox Recon Silver TK Coil 100mm Fork With Lockout but what is a "Star Nut" and do i need one? Will i be able to install these forks myself or will i need any special tools?

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    The star but is the thing that your top cap tightens into. This allows you to take up the slack in your headset. It'll be easy enough to change your forks yourself. The hardest thing will be changing the crown race (the bit that your lower bearing race in your headset runs on) over to the new fork. You'll also have to cut down the steerer to make sure it isn't ludicrously long. You won't want to reuse the star nut from your old forks, they get a bit mangled if you remove them. New ones are about 1.

    If all that sounds a bit much your lbs should swap a set of forks over for about 15.

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    The frame will take more than 100mm travel forks by the way. My LBS is one of the if not the biggest Specialized dealer in the country and they recommended anything up to 120mm when I upgraded my Hardrock. I got some 2012 120mm Rockshox Recon Gold SoloAir's that they had reduced to almost half price and they're brilliant.

    If you're on a tight budget these might be worth a look?
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    Hey KevinMcCloud. Thanks for the tips!

    I'm looking at that fork right now. Which do you think is better the one you've mentioned above or this one...

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    I would say the Recon. Although it depends what you want it for really. The one I linked you to will be a bit stiffer as it's made purely for cross country, hence the XC in the title. The Recon's, which are similar to the Recon's I've got on mine, will be a bit more plush when it comes to soaking up bigger impacts. Plus there's probably a reason why the Recon is normally more expensive.

    Oh and I would say have a go at fitting them yourself. I didn't need any special tools and it took about an hour (as it was the first time I'd done it)
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