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Thread: Broken Ankle

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    Broken Ankle

    Hi there am new to this I have been reading for a while but never posted. I took a fall on Saturday night on a christmas do and broke my ankle, I am itching to get out already. I have been working on my power and endurance since july with the intent on doing a few races this seasson, I just hope I am not back to square one as I have worked really hard to get here. My ankle its broken in 3 places and has two pins and a plate in does anyone know of any exercises I can be doing while I am in plaster and if there are any kind of supports on the market so I can be back on the the bike asap.

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    Re: Broken Ankle

    that's awful, sorry to hear about your ankle!
    Christmas parties = much more dangerous than downhill

    I'd rest up to be honest, I've heard some bad stories of people over using damaged limbs for them to never heal right.
    You'll soon get back in shape!

    maybe someone knows good CV that only uses arms?

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    Re: Broken Ankle

    Hey soup, welcome to the forum.... it's a shame your 1st post has to bring such sad news.

    I'm sure that there will be excersizes you can do to keep your fitness up wihtout doing in your ankle.

    FOr calves and thighs you ccan hang a bag with some wieght in it (a bag of sugar or two) then slowly lift and lower it. It shoudl keep you using a lot of musles in your leg.
    I'd really consult your DR and a Physio before doing anythin serious though. Explain what you wanto do and I'm sure that they will help.
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    Re: Broken Ankle

    thanks for the replies I have just ordered a 661 race brace does any one know if these are for support or protection? and have spoken to my DR who has told keep off it all togeater for now and work on upper body stuff if I have to do anything.

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    Re: Broken Ankle

    Hi Soupdragon.


    Not sure as i don't use them but i would think a brace is for support. A turbo trainer may be a good idea before you get back out on the trails. Not before the quack says so though.
    Ya picked the best time of year to have an accident by the way. Just think waited on hand and foot all over christmas.
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    Re: Broken Ankle

    Hi Soupdragon, WTTF, two bits of advice, 1)listen to the doc and do what he says 2)rest and don't come back to you are completely healed. I know to many peeps who have injured themselves and then rushed the recovery and came back to early only to then injure themselves again or agrivate the old injury spend longer out injured.

    I know it hurts waiting while your body heals, I injured myself and tried to rush back and have spent the last couple of years paying for rushing it back.

    Get mended, get fit and then hit the trials and blast your mates to dust.

    Have a merry xmas

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