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Thread: Enduro Training

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    Enduro Training

    Does anyone have advice for enduro training, bike set up, nutrition and race day tips.

    I am entering the 101(km) in the spring.

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    Re: Enduro Training

    Fredmundo and I got round an 8 hour ride in October in the Peaks. We had some cramps at some point prompting us to swig loads of isotonic down where before we were sipping, but neither of us had energy problems to speak of. Fred carried some ripe (very) bananas and sports drink powder (pre-measured in plastic bags) dumped in to his bladder whenever he re-filled at the water stations (I can't remember what else he used), while I used energy gels and Cyclone bars with occasional flapjack. We ate frequently, and we started eating very early in the ride, not when we started to fade - it's too late then.
    I found the Nuun tablets very good as an isotonic - drop in to 500ml water, wait for it to dissolve and presto! No sugary mess to clear up either, and they are small to carry in your pack. Kept the Camelbak bladder for water only.

    As far as training - depending on the terrain, I think that if you can carry the distance on your legs, then you should consider some upper body and core training. I really felt the ride across the shoulders where my legs were not so affected. Otherwise, build the distance progressively. Invest in a trainer if getting out over the winter is difficult, and try to simulate what you will be up against. If the ride will be hilly then find a hill that is hard and attack it again and again and again. There is no substitute for time spent riding.

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    Re: Enduro Training

    Steve said, I did have a few cereal bars on the way round, 6 or so, 3 bananas and also an energy gel.I think my whole body ached in the morning but as inspend a lot of time in the saddle I coped when out there. You do really need to get your saddle adjusted spot on, so it not sitting you too upright, or indeed forward. I'd just get out and ride as much as Incan between now and then, focus on you riding position over a long ride and see how a few little tweaks here and there ease or worsen anybaches you have.
    pace yourself as well, no point in blazing of for the first half if you are going to bonk 3/4 the way round.
    Good luck. Ride sensibly and you will enjoy yourself I hope!
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