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Thread: MB routes in Scotland

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    MB routes in Scotland

    Hi all,

    I am arranging a works MB charity event in Scottland this summer, does anyone know of any challenging routes/rugged terrain which could take us through two days biking with a nights camping in between?



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    Re: MB routes in Scotland

    you could do a bike trail in cairngorms. singletrack mag did a route which involved an overnight stay! have the article at home somewhere! can dig it out.

    you could bike the west highland way starting from Glasgow finishing up at Fort William. that would take 2 days poss 3!

    hope that helps!

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    Re: MB routes in Scotland

    You could simply do a few of the 7 Stanes .. within an hour of each other (Dumfries area) would be an easy option.

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    Re: MB routes in Scotland

    I cycle in the Deeside & Donside areas (Cairngorm National Park)all of which are interlinked in one way or another and offer great riding - my suggestion is that you simply look on an OS map of the area you fancy and work out a route using landrover trails === or paths ----- the paths will usually offer the more technical aspects (including carrying your bike), but distance and camping shouldn't be a problem. MBR published a difficult coast to coast route a year or so back which involved camping.

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