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Thread: Dalby UCI XC Bid

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    Dalby UCI XC Bid

    Hey guys,

    Dalby are putting a bid in to host a 2010 XC race, and are hosting an event there in May to try and convince the relevant people.

    One of the things they need is riders...
    But they also need a good crowd!

    Now at first I thought, boring... Men in lycra etc.
    However, think of the positives... Improvements and extra spending at Dalby to improve existing and perhaps make new trails.

    Then I read the PDF and this made it sound even more tempting. Yorkshire Forward who are involved in the bid have promised to finance 6 new trail centres in the region. This definitely grabbed my attention!

    Just thought I'd post this here as i'm sure most people would like another 6 trail centres in the yorkshire region. Think I'll be attending and showing my support for what would be a great improvement to the area and a good mountain biking event!

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    Re: Dalby UCI XC Bid

    Im planning to do the XC race.
    They have almost finished the new XC course which is 8 km long and the first ride of it will be on the saturday.
    Another reason to go is there are some expos and a seperate north shore thing as well because its the world cup bid.
    Should be a great weekend.

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