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Thread: November is here!!!!!!!

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    Re: November is here!!!!!!!

    Are you suggesting that you've reduced each issue by one twelth to make issue 13??

    That would be bad because you're now getting 13 payments for what is effectively 12 issues.

    You've got a damned good point there Sir Q!

    And since 1/12th is about 8.5% the figures would seem to bear it out.

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    Re: November is here!!!!!!!

    Still waiting for mine. It's the first one on subscription so hope I've not been forgotten!!!
    Don't loose heart clocky, the subscription team at IPC mags make continental drift look spritely!!

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    Re: November is here!!!!!!!

    just a reminder for anyone who has problems with their subscriptions, they should contact or 0845 676 7778. should mention that this is a separate company to ours, responsible for subs on pretty much all the IPC titles, and they handle all queries direct, not via the editorial team or the forum.

    agree that the distribution can be erratic at times and again that's out of our hands. which isn't a cop-out, just the way it is. not exactly happy myself when our subs get to sees the new issues before we do!!!

    Sir Q without going into exact details we work on a rough ratio of editorial pages to ads on an annual basis. so if it's a bit higher one month, then we address it over the following months. it can also be seasonal with differences in issue size from summer to winter. all this is agreed in advance every autumn - for example we've recently signed off on issue sizes to Feb 2010 and I can assure you that the percentage of ads has NOT risen. hope that helps...

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    Re: November is here!!!!!!!

    It arrived yesterday morning and was waitong for me when I got home from work. All is well with the world again.

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    Re: November is here!!!!!!!

    OH S_Q! The toys are in danger of leaving the pram methinks . Nice piece of homework though

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