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Thread: Cube bike choice.......Help please!!

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    Cube bike choice.......Help please!!

    Hi All,

    I'm getting back into mountain biking after years out and have just about decided on a Cube LTD of some description from one of the German sites, but have a choice to make between.......

    Cube ltd race 2011 (green/white/metal) (absolutely love the colour of this bike).....949 euro

    Cube ltd race 2012 (would be grey metal, blue as the black is a bit plain for me.......1099 euro

    Cube ltd cc 2011 (black and white, quite like this colour scheme)........................1039 euro

    Cube ltd cc 2012 (only comes in the plain anodized)......................................... 1099 euro

    Personally I'm much more drawn to the 2011 colour schemes of the two models but being away from mountain biking for so long I'm not really able to tell if the spec differences on the 2012 bikes should should draw me away from the lower prices and (in my personal opinion) better looking colour schemes of the 2011 models.

    If some of you more experienced and knowlegeable people out there could give me your opinions it would be a great help.


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    My vote is for the 3rd one. Lots of XT, 2nd cheapest. Same colour as my bike. At this price point I would be comparing the fork, brakes & chainset. But I have no experience of those forks or brakes.

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    Hi tino, welcome to the forum. Welcome back to mountain biking, you have chosen the best forum to support you, without a doubt, so stick around.

    We (collectively) will be great at helping you to spend your money and avoid technical disasters, but probably total ****e at advising on colour schemes (you'd end up with day-glo orange or neon pink). The colour scheme has to be your choice - only you can make the trade off. You have to decide which is more important to you; colour scheme or spec (and I can't tell from your post).

    My advice would be to go for the spec every time and only let colour be a factor if the cost difference is neglible to you.
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    Hey Tino, WTTF.............................

    OK, spanner in the works time........

    How about....................................

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    There is nothing wrong with dayglow orange with blue bling....
    I agree with the spanner, always fancied a Canyon

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    Many 2011 bikes from nearly all the big manufacturers have higher spec levels than thier 2012 counterparts. the prices for some components have risen at a terrifying rate over the last three years, and even the same models in some ranges are year on year fitted with "lesser" spec gear in order to maintain the RRP.

    get a bargain, get last years bike which will be no worse than this years, could even be quite a bit better, and you'll save a bundle !

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    In the end I bought a 2011 Ghost HTX Actinum 7500.

    Glad I waited and looked about. Excellent spec, really light and good looks too!!

    Very happy

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