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Thread: strength in numbers

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    strength in numbers

    So, it looks like a good film, it also looks to be being paired with the dudes of hazzard....

    Check out more info here;

    I'll be getting me a ticket I think.
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    Either in work or out on the bike, so anywhere in the UK!!
    If it comes down my way, will definitely go see. Otherwise it's find a copy on a spinny disc thingy!

    Edit: just found that the Pinkbike website will have a stream of it running the same time as the premier on the 24th May @8pm if anyone's near a computer at the time.
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    Looks good, shame i'm in bloody Catterick when it's in leeds grrr
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    Easiest place for me to get to is oddly Penrith but it isn't announced when it's there yet. Think I'll just watch it on Pinkbike with all the other cheapskates.

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    The only way is Essex REEM
    I like most things MTB related, building bikes, talking bikes, riding bikes the odd youtube clip, etc., but a full length film of mound building, dirt jumping ***** don't appeal.

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    I can see the Isle of Man from here!
    Crap - its showing in Cockermouth for a tenner on the weekend I'm riding Passportes du Soleil in the Alps...

    ... do i cancel ?
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