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Thread: A slightly coy admission..

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    wherever my bike is...
    Occasionally have these at the LBS, great pieces kit for the wonga!
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    So when Dave said he loves his bfe, he meant his boyfriend eric.

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    Welcome to the dark side Dave!

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    I also own a Merida Ride

    And yes mine has girls spuds on it, but as big dave said, I won't be putting them on my proper bike.

    So, how many girls bloooooses will be riding spuds this weekend?

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    Nice bike, just needs wider bars, shorter stem, and Maxxis High Rollers fitted now!
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    The BFe is still the main ride, for sure. This just helps me to ride it quicker. And yes they are excellent value for money, I'm dead chuffed with it at 500 beans! Fear not, all is not lost though, I am still doing mountain mayhem, and own no Lycra. Yet. Hahahah
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