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Thread: Middleburn Chainring advice

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    Middleburn Chainring advice

    Hi All
    I'm trying to make sure that I get the right middle chainring for my Hollwtech 2 m770 XT crank.But the info from CRC and Middleburn conflict each other.Does anyone run a Middleburn on this crank and which one is it.Middleburn are saying that I should go with " The ring you need is the 104pcd 88id "which is CRC product ID 31395 and CRC say that I should get product ID 12487.Would really appreciate the advice .


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    Head hurts! I just bought a 32T 104 BCD Middleburn and slapped it onto the 'nano chainset.
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    All I know is you need to be careful about getting the right one so that the chain moves across the rings smoothly..... I was thinking about getting the hardcoat version but was so confused I stayed with shimano...
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    The one you need is marked as an XT version in the product description. It spaces 0.6mm wider than the standard ring.
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    Cheers ror that Kevo.

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