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Thread: June issue Big Question: is anyone excited by the Olympics yet? Win 100 CRC voucher!

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    Yes, I'm looking forward to the Olympics and particularly as I have 2 young daughters. I don't mind if it's Mountain Biking, Running, Badminton or any other sport that they get interested in as long as they grow up being fit and healthy and exposure to high profile sporting events certainly can't do any harm there!

    Of course, I'm much more likely to take them out Mountain Biking than do some Gymnastics together!
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    Yawn....................Really couldn't give a toss, at the end of it all we the taxpayer are going to be lumbered with the bill when the whole charade makes a huge loss.
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    I did enjoy watching the last Olympics, but maybe that was because I was watching it from Greece in the sun! Have to agree with others though, there is awesome biking already in the country could not see why they spent the money on building another? However with any luck it will become another venue for mtb'ers once the olympics are over. I'm looking forward to watching to watching it but not excited. Certainly not as excited as watching Danny Harts blistering world cup run anyway!
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    Excited? Far from it. I won't be watching any of it as I'll be out on the bike having fun.

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    ZZZZZzzz ay what er Olympics? Whats that?

    MTB'ing is booming now!!! Because of Us and great mags that show the sport as exciting and not out of peoples reach like some sports, a cheap bike can be picked up and you only have to ride as fast or hard as YOU want to, the Olympics or even a local race can be a goal if you want most are not out of 'ordinary' peoples reach
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    Unfortunately, MTB hasn't got a figure of the likes of Hoy, Pendleton or Cav who will win Gold and push the sport onto the front & back pages. Until we do, it will still be overlooked by the mainstream press.
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    I've got tickets for the ladies MTB (Fnnar Fnnar) and a Wimbledon ground pass for the olympic tennis, might check out ladies doubles (Double Fnnar Fnnar) EXCITED, I might need a cold shower!
    I'm more excited about what happens to the MTB track after the games as it's just down the road from me.

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    One little boy in my house is excited and anything that entices him to ride or run is good enough for me!

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    Olympics? Don't talk to me about Olympics. I mean. Here I am, brain the size of a planet and they ask me if I am excited about the Olympics. Call that job satisfaction, because I don't.

    Seriously though. Yeah, I am looking forward to the cycling. Yes a lot of the action is in the South. But strangely, there is a lot happening elsewhere because of it. Corby got a new swimming pool because of it, complete with diving podiums and adjustable height pool. Good stuff. I won't be attending though. The idea of going into London on the train and then having to fight my way through all of those crowds, paying an overpriced ticket just for the privilege. Nahh. However, I will be watching it on telly, complete with popcorn and beer (dead athletic me).

    Overall, I think we will see a spike in, not just cycling, but people will be jogging and swimming etc. At it is the interest in sports generally that I think will be good. Yes it will be a seasonal blip, but the extra riders we get for the short term might also boost investment in the trails and visitors centers. We may see more crowded trails for a while, but so what?

    As for Reevils comments about overcrowding not endearing us to land owners and car drivers? Nothing we do will make that group happy about us. So stuff em.

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    Investment in trail centres post Olympics.... that's a good 'un! I can't remember the last time a public works project was completed since the 2004 Games... they are mostly still on hold and incomplete....

    as for athletic centres... all the temporary stadiums were torn down, and others have falllen into disuse
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