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Thread: Urgent appeal for lost video camera and footage

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    Urgent appeal for lost video camera and footage


    Dear Sir,

    We are on holiday visiting relatives in Carrog, North Wales .

    Our son was biking on the trails at the Llandegla Forest and had his white and black Quicksilver rucksack stolen.

    Amongst other items it contained a Sony video camera (It is of little use to anyone else as we have the charger and leads!). On the internal drive was video footage from our daughter's musical performances that are not backed-up on our home computer and are of purely sentimental value.

    We were wondering if you could assist us by putting out / broadcasting an appeal or by a notice on your website to the effect that we are offering a £250 cash reward for safe return of the video*camera*as long as the footage is intact. There will be no recriminations and we do not intend to prosecute, we would just like the safe return of the footage. We are appealing to the decent side of the thief’s nature.

    Please return to the visitor's centre at Llandegla who will be able to contact us.

    Many thanks for your assistance in this matter.

    Yours sincerely,

    Julian and Sally Landymore

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    I'm sorry for your loss, but thieving b4$t4rd$ do not use this forum. Maybe some posters near to where the bag was stolen? The subject could be a good human interest story for local radio (not the BBC version obviously). Or maybe the local rag?

    I sincerely hope that you recover the footage of your daughter's precious moments.
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