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Thread: STOLEN - Cube AMS 130 SL (2012)

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    STOLEN - Cube AMS 130 SL (2012)

    Hello All,

    Woke up this morning discovering that my Cube AMS 130 SL 20" (White/Black/Blue) (purchased new 2 days ago) has been stolen outside our flat on the fourth floor. It was stolen in the Bermondsey area (London Bridge)
    Along with my girlfriends Dutchess cream coloured.

    I have contacted the police this morning and hopefully with such a high value bike they can recover it. I would prefer not to use my recently purchased insurance along with the bike.

    Thanks guys for keeping your eyes open.

    I have removed the seat post and saddle (Selle Italia X1) so possibly the theives could add a cheap one.

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    Ah ****, that's a bad break, hope you get them back, outside your flat you say? Then it does rather sound like someone who knew they were to find them. Though why on earth did you keep them outside your flat, that's if I've understood your post correctly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazzedx View Post
    Though why on earth did you keep them outside your flat,
    Thats what I thought... Insurance-wise you may be in a right pickle there. I admit though, I know not what the insurance covers and how the flats are arranged, I may be completely wrong.

    Tough luck though and I hope its returned ASAP.

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    That's a real tough break Smeagol.

    Keep an eye on ebay and suchlike, and also your local rags. You never know, you may be able to collar the scummers when they try to sell them.
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    Thanks for all the reasuring comments - I will keep my eyes (and ears) open and hopefully get my cube back.

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    Nightmare mate - hope you have some luck getting it back.
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    Very bad luck, sounds like someone followed you home or knew it was there. Good luck on getting it back.
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    That's awful, I do hope that it funds its way home to you undamaged.
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    Yeah man, good luck. After only 4 days? That sucks.

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