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Thread: Video- The South Coast isn't flat

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    technically doesnt the Southdowns stop east of Southampton?

    Love the close up of the log with the dirt being kicked up.
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    Technically; the first suggestion was the South Downs, then it was changed to suggest Bournemouth way.

    Technically: no-one likes a smart-ar5e. (and, yes, that's why I have no friends )

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    I'm pretty suprised, your very close, its not St Catherines Hill/Puddletown or Ferndown, but in thats sorta area, where nobody rides. Its very similar ground and texture to UK Bike Park (blandford)
    I can't say anymore though ha ha.

    Yes Puddletown has been built up- and destroyed on many occasions but there are still some very good runs up there.
    We have made a little clip at puddletown here: Puddle town clip but there is much more up there, easily a weekend of roaming around finding them

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