View Full Version : Rockshox recon 351 uturn or revelation 426 uturn?

31-Dec-2009, 04:34 PM
Hi, looking at some new forks but just wondering which one wuld be better, recon is spring loaded and the rev is air, i think. Apart from slight weight difference does anyone know why air is better than spring, surely you dont get leaks with spring loaded forks.
I am after something with adjustable travel.

31-Dec-2009, 04:57 PM
Wow, you know how to ask a question.

There's lots of pro's and con's on air v coil and there's a really good argument for coil these days as the technology for having a progressive or variable rate coil spring has developed.

Pro's for air include
Lack of weight
Progressive spring rate automatically (the harder you squeeze air the harder it gets (not always a good thing though)
Ease of service (if you know what you're doing)
Ease of adjustment E.g. summer v winter riding weight
Marketing Hype

Con's for air
Can heat up and change forks spring properties
Stiction (always an issue trying to overcome this and that's why we have negative air chambers these days - adding to weight)
Difficult to service if you don't know what you're doing.

Pro's for Coil
Progressive spring rates
Relatively light weight
Easy to service even if you DON'T know what you're doing
Lack of stiction
Easily change spring rate (but you do need to buy a new spring)

Con's for Coil
Need to replace entire spring to change forks characteristics.

So all in all Coils should not be overlooked in favour of air, they offer a really good solution to suspending the front of your bike you just have to get the correctly rated spring for your weight and style.

As for professional riders, those in the know will tell you that they run coil springs with air decals in order to appease the marketing guys.

And finally, all bike have front and rear air suspension which shouldn't be overlooked.

It's a small unit called a tyre. :D

31-Dec-2009, 05:08 PM
Good answer, very thorough, so i shouldnt shy away from the 351 u turn cos its coil. I havent got enough for the rev but could scrape together if requiered, might not bother now.
Appreciate the good response.
Happy new year.