View Full Version : wreakin n hopton wood

22-Nov-2009, 09:19 PM
has anybody been here??? any good and how would i get there ie, postcode directions etc

22-Nov-2009, 10:06 PM
been to Hopton twice, you follow the signs for shrewsbury then follow signs from shrewsbury to Ludlow (A49), when you get to Craven Arms you need to take a right and follow road to Hopton castle, you won't find it very easy but here is a linky to Pearce Cycles! time about 2 hours 25 mins (approx)


there is a nearest Postcode on there! it is Hardcore DH and very demanding, riding in the Wet is not that Bad (MUDDY) but not bad as it stays as a top layer that tyres cut through, when it starts to dry though it is a pig cause it sticks to tyres and clogs up!

22-Nov-2009, 10:47 PM
nice one profit, well me n me mate still new to it bikin really, been follow dog , llandgla amazin, n 2many times hanchurch now,, keep searchin for places but dnt no where go, got the van got the bike but no idea, i want bita hardcore xc but mate wants start downhill.. where else can we godnt mind travellin but not ****e far thanks anyway

22-Nov-2009, 11:59 PM
Get urself to Stile Cop at Cannock, head from stoke towards Stafford on the A34, when you get to Walton Roundabout (left turn for Stone) head straight over and at the next roundabout, turn left for Rugeley, follow that road all the way until you come to a mini roundabout take the left filter lane then straight over the next mini roundabout and follow to the next Bigger roundabout (pretty new) take a right and follow signs for A460, you eventually come Rugeley town and there is a McDonalds or BurgerKing on the left and a petrol station (i think?) make a right at the roundabout and that is the A460, head up the bank till you get out of the houses and make a 1st left up Stile Cop Road, head up the bank to the top and there is a Car park on the left, get kitted up and head back out of the Carpark on ur bikes and straight over the road and up a gravel path, stay straight on the path and you'll come to the top of the DH trails and Freeride trails etc (if you aint ridden there before then ride them very slowly or walk them first to have a look, some of the features are pretty big and you will get hurt!

Have Fun (P.S last RG 'Timed Runs' of the year is on this Sunday, come along to watch or take part, 2 to enter and starts at 12 noon, practice before 12, relaxed atmosphere and everybody welcome)

Hope that helps?