Bike park trails can be a real challenge for any rider. Sure, they may be smooth and man-made, but that just means you go faster which can lead to some very tricky situations. Now imagine doing it on just one wheel.

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That’s what this rider did at the Serfaus Bike Park in Austria. The trail is red graded but it seems that  they take a locals line into the woods to find some techy, off-piste riding to add to the difficulty.

While the unicyclist seems to take the open section’s berms and jumps with ease, in the woods he has to slow down to a snail’s pace and even perform some trials style manoeuvres to get down.

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We thought that he would make it the whole way down but one particularly nasty-looking viper’s-nest of roots catches him out around the three minute fifty second mark.

The Serfaus Bike Park is in south west Austria and offers two blue runs, one red run and one black run. It’s most famous feature is the cabin drop that takes you off the top of an Alpine hut.