The Good Old Days, do you remember them? The days before suspension and disc brakes subsidised you skill levels. The days when there was just one wheel size. The days when you didn’t have to Instagram every ride to show your friends how great your life was. In the Good Old Days, every ride felt like a true adventure.

That’s the spirit that Ed Oxley and Andy McKenna were hoping to capture in their new film #adventureNOW in which they headed to the Alladale Wilderness Reserve, an estate deep in the Scottish Highlands for a weekend of retro radness.

They emerge fully dressed in flouro bin bags, peakless helmets  and bum bags ready to take on the trails 90’s stylee. Unfortunately the trip is not the throwback to the halcyon days of yore they imagined as they spend more time face down in the snow than enjoying the full capabilities of the wider tyres of ATBs.

When they do return to riding modern trail bikes the difference is apparent and they are able to pump, hop and actually stay on them. While it does look like a lot of fun to spend a few hours on retro machines, we think we’d probably settle for modern tech too… although it does make us wonder what will be made of our bikes in twenty years time.